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Controller QXJ Seven Star The set consists of: - Electronic controller powered by 220 V - 1 pc. - Electronic water level and temperature sensor - 1 pc. - 12V solenoid (pressure) valve - 1 pc.     More details

Controller QXJ Seven Star with measurement of temperature, the water level in the tank, to control the pump, heater, etc. Recommended for solar systems of the PROECO YL, Solaris-L, Hydra-L, and HX series.



1. 1. After connecting the controller to the power supply, a single sound signal indicates that the controller is operating in normal mode (the device self-monitoring process is taking place).

2. Timer function.

3. Water level indicator - 5 levels (0-20%, 20-50%, 50-80%, 80-100%, over 100% - overflow).

4. Temperature water indicator.

5. It is possible to set the automatic heating temperature in the range of 30-80°C.

6. Warning about low water level - when the level of water is lower than 20%, you will hear a warning sound signal. 

7. Possibility of manual control of the solenoid valve (topping up water).

8. Possibility of manual control of the electric heater.

9. Possibility to program additional heating of water at specific times (according to the clock) - twice a day.  Setting an hour to 24:00 deactivates the function.

10. Possibility to program topping up of water at specific times (according to the clock) - twice a day.  Setting an hour to 24:00 deactivates the function.

11. If problems with the temperature sensor or water level sensor are detected the controller will warn you about it with warning sound signal every minute. Open the solenoid valve to top up the water in the tank. Please make sure that water does not overflow - if so, close the valve. The open valve will close automatically after 8 minutes.

12. "Turbo-filling" function. If the pressure in the water supply network is too low, this function can be activated. In a situation when the water level in the tank is too low, apart from opening the solenoid valve, the pump is activated. After filling the tank, the pump is switched off simultaneously, and the solenoid valve closes.

13. "Anti-freeze" function. To make sure that the water does not freeze in pipes located outdoors in the winter, electric heating cables can be laid along the pipes. The controller will turn on the heating cables to prevent the failure of pipes. Turning on the "turbo-filling" function disables the "anti-freeze" function.

14. Even in the event of a power failure, the controller remembers all settings. There is no need for reprogramming.

15. Protection against burning. If there is less than 50% of the water in the tank (or no water at all), the controller will turn off all functions of additional heating.

16. Overload protection. If the "anti-freeze" (additional heating of pipes) function is activated automatically in order not to burn the cables and reduce electricity consumption, the power supply is cyclically disconnected. The function works according to set time (standard 30 minutes/30 minutes break, but can be set from 0 to 90 minutes).

Controller designed to control the temperature in utility hot water storage tanks. Designed mainly for compact non-pressure heaters from the PROECO YL, Solaris-L, Hydra-L, and HX series.

In the event of insufficient sunlight, the water can be heated using an electric heater. Of course, the controller can be used in any utility hot water storage tanks.


 Technical data:

- Dimensions: 170mm x 128mm x 40mm
- Power supply: ~220V (AC)
- Power consumption: < 6W
- Temperature measurement range: 0 ~ 99°C
- Temperature measuring accuracy: ± 2°C
- Water level indicator: 5 levels
- Maximum power of the connected electric heater: <3000 W
- Maximum power of the connected pump or electric heating cables: <500 W
- Creepage: <10mA/0.1S
- Solenoid valve power supply: = 12V (DC)
- Pressure range of the solenoid valve (optional): 0.02 MPa - 0.8 MPa
- Water level sensor with NTC 10K B=3950 temperature sensor, temperature measurement: <135°C, cable resistant to a temperature of <105°C, cable length: 20, 24 or 30 m

 Operating instructions:

Manual Seven Star.pdf


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