Kanał izolacyjny ProtecTube™ 75mm Thermaflex

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 ProtecTube ™ - insulation tube - ideal as universal protection for all types of cables and pipes sensitive to high temperature or high pressure   More details


- connecting the water system to solar water heaters

- the possibility to place connection pipes (steel, copper, plastic) directly in the ProtecTube™

- can be used for underground and overhead systems

- cable collisions on roadsides

- water treatment systems

- supply pipes for heat pumps

- under buildings

- on concrete substrates



- extremely durable and flexible system

- excellent protection against moisture and against traffic loads

- casing pipe with integrated insulation

- for temperatures from - 80°C to + 95°C


 Technical data:

outer diameter:                                           75mm

tube diameter:                                      38-43mm

thickness of insulation:                           16-18,5mm

color:                                                           black

material:                                               Casing pipe: HPDE

Insulation:                                              polyolefin foam

cell structure of isolation:                          closed cells

UV resistance:                                      Casing pipe: yes

working temperature:                                   - 80 °C do + 95 °C

water vapor diffusion resistance:                      (μ) >3.500

fire classification:                                          B2



*price for one linear meter