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TK-7Y controller for compact pressure systems . The kit includes : - NTC10K temperature sensor (cable length : 20, 24 or 30 m ) - stainless steel sleeve for NTC sensor   More details


- Monitor water temperature.
- Possibility to set automatic hot water temperature in the range of 30 - 80 ° C (programmable in three sections)
- Manually control electric heater.
- Possibility to program the automatic control of water such as the minimum temperature to prevent freezing of water.
- Protection from damage. If you find problems with sensor temperature controller immediately turn off power electric heater.

The controller is designed to control the water temperature.
In the absence of sunlight, you can automatically heat water (electric heater).

Designed mainly for solar compact systems. Of course, it can be used in any water heater


Technical Data:



~ 230V (AC)

Pobór mocy:

< 3W

Zakres pomiaru temperatury:

0 ~ 100 °C

Dokładność pomiaru temperatury:

± 2 °C

Wskaźnik poziomu wody:


Maksymalna moc podłączonej grzałki elektrycznej:

2000 W

Dopuszczalna temperatura otoczenia dla urządzenia

-10 °C~50 °C

Upływ prądu:

10mA/0.1 S

Dimensions [mm]



Instrukcja YZ-988.pdf