Heat Pipe 14(8)/900 mm

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HP 14/8/900


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Heat Pipe 14(8)/900 mm    More details


Mainly intended for solar collectors from the SC series and HP systems based on heat pipes. Can be used in all vacuum collectors, where the diameter of the condenser is 14 mm.


The pressure inside the heat pipe was reduced by sucking the air out in accordance with the principle of lowering the boiling point along with the pressure decrease. The liquid inside the heat pipe exchanger boils already at 25 ºC. Copper used for production is free of oxygen, which ensures long and reliable operation. 

Pipe diameter: 8mm

Condenser diameter: 14 mm.

Pipe length: 900 mm.

Vacuum tube with a triple absorber (ALN/AIN-SS/CU) with dimensions of 58/1000 mm.

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