Thermal paste HPX 100g

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The paste makes the heat transfer between the heat pipes and the solar collector manifold easier. It is necessary for the proper operation of all types of temperature sensors and protects against weather conditions. It has very good chemical resistance to oxidation; water-based solutions of acids, bases, and salts; sulfur dioxide, and ammonia. HPX thermal paste with thermal conductivity> 2.8 W/mK does not conduct electricity. It is necessary for the proper operation of all kinds of temperature sensors. Low thermal impedance makes it possible to maintain constant efficiency at temperatures from -30 to 300°C.


  • Modules with high thermal conductivity
  • Cooling devices on end plates or frames
  • Storage and high speed drives
  • Motor control systems in the automotive industry
  • Hard disk and DVD drives
  • Power converters
  • High power LEDs
  • Network communication devices
  • Household appliances
  • Electronic and electrical components
  • Air conditioners
  • Heat transfer from the heat pipe condenser to the exchanger in a vacuum solar collector



Color gray
Heat conductivity > 2.8 W/mK  
Thermal impedance < 0.095°C in2/W    
Specific weight 2.5 g/cm3   
Evaporation 0.001
Leakage 0.05
Dialectic constant 5.1
Viscosity does not flow
Thixotropic index 380+/-10
Temperature resistance -50~340°C
Working temperature -30~300°C