Water Tank 5l.
Water Tank 5l.
Water Tank 5l.

Stainless Steel Water Tank 3l.


EAN-13: 5902734700575

Stainless Steel Water Tank 3l. 

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Intended mainly for compact non-pressure systems, for example, from the Hydra-L series.

It is used for automatic topping up of water in the tank directly from the water supply network.

The maximum cold water inlet pressure is 2 bar. In the case of higher pressure, we recommend using a reducer.


The assistant tank is a device that is designed to automatically fill the tank without overflowing. When using hot water, the water level in the tank will also go down. The float located in the tank will open the water supply from the water supply network. When the tank is full, the float closes the inlet valve.

The tank is mounted from the bottom on the pipe (thread Rp1/2").

Material: stainless steel SUS 201

Reference: TANK 3L SS
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