Vacuum tube 58/1800 + Heat pipe (ALN/AIN-SS/CU)

VT 58/1800 3T +HP


Heat pipe 58/1800 with triple absorber (ALN/AIN-SS/CU) and heat pipe   More details

Heat pipe 58/1800 with triple absorber (ALN/AIN-SS/CU) and heat pipe


Mainly intended for solar collectors from the SC series and HP systems based on heat pipes. Can be used in vacuum collectors from other manufacturers.


The vacuum tube is made of borosilicate glass. The vacuum between the two layers of glass is an excellent insulator and prevents heat losses. In the process of triple magnetron metallization, an absorber (compound absorbing sun rays and converting them into heat energy) is applied. Additional layers of the absorber are intended to keep as much energy as possible inside the pipes and prevent heat loss through infrared radiation. The new special absorption layer ALN/AIN-SS/CU with the addition of copper is the next generation of absorption layers. The successor of the AL/N/AL layer is characterized by higher efficiency (up to 12%) and excellent absorption properties of direct and diffused radiation. The interior of the vacuum tube can heat up to 300ºC.

Inside the vacuum tubes, there are so-called "heat pipes." The pressure inside the heat pipe was reduced by sucking the air out in accordance with the principle of lowering the boiling point along with the pressure decrease. The liquid inside the heat pipe exchanger boils already at 25 ºC. Copper used for production is free of oxygen, which ensures long and reliable operation. Aluminum radiators inside the vacuum tubes support the transfer of energy to the copper heat pipes.

In the event of a vacuum tube failure, the entire system will continue to operate, however, the efficiency of the system will be lower. Vacuum tubes with heat pipes have no liquids, which means that the pipe can be dismantled at any time without having to empty the entire system.

Vacuum tube:

- outer tube diameter: 58 mm.
- inner tube diameter: 47 mm.
- tube length: 1800 mm.

Heat pipe:

- Pipe diameter: 8mm.
- Condenser diameter: 14mm.
- Pipe length: 1700mm.