Water Tank 300 l. with 2 copper coils

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Hot water storage tank made of stainless steel with a capacity of 300l and copper coil fully equipped.   More details

Hot water storage tank 300 l made of stainless steel with one copper coil and:

- electric heater with thermostat

- safety (pressure) valve and pressure-thermal valve

- magnesium anode rod (to protect among the others the electric heater)



- Made of stainless steel

- Very good thermal insulation (polyurethane foam with thickness of at least 5cm)

- Two copper coils (possibility of connecting to 2 independent heat sources)

- Two sleeves for two temperature sensors

- Durable external housing (made of steel)

- Full equipment


 Technical data:

Height: 183cm+ legs 7 cm

Diameter: 61cm