Płyn ECO MPG - SOL 32 - 10kg
Płyn ECO MPG - SOL 32 - 10kg

Fluid ECO MPG-SOL - 32 - 10kg

MPG-SOL -32 - 10KG

EAN-13: 5902734702005

ECO MPG-SOL 32 fluid for filling solar collector systems and industrial refrigerating, heating and air conditioning systems. Recommended for vacuum collectors.
Packaging 10 kg of fluid (up to -32°C).

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ECO MPG-SOL 32 fluid for filling solar collector systems and industrial refrigerating, heating and air conditioning systems. Recommended for vacuum collectors.

Packaging 10 kg of fluid (up to -32°C).


ECO MPG-SOL fluids are used as a heat carrier or intermediate coolant in solar heating systems, industrial refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning systems. The ECO MPG-SOL concentrate formula has been developed mainly for modern solar collectors, and other systems where assessing the suitability of a fluid is the increased boiling point in closed systems is an important factor. ECO MPG-SOL concentrate and fluids have a higher boiling point in comparison to conventional propylene glycol and water mixtures by using polycglycols as an additive. Increased boiling point is very important in vacuum collectors, where the temperature periodically exceeds over 180 degrees C. It is not recommended to expose fluids to such thermal loads for a longer time. Freeze resistance of ECO MPG-SOL fluids was obtained using propylene glycol, which, thanks to the high boiling point of 189°C, also minimizes evaporation losses. The resistance to freezing of ECO MPG-SOL depends on its concentration in the solution with water. The higher the concentration, the higher the frost resistance. Mixtures of ECO MPG-SOL concentrate with water also do not undergo phase separation. ECO MPG-SOL fluids contain corrosion inhibitors that permanently protect all types of systems against corrosion, deposits, and the development of biological life. The effectiveness of these protections is periodically checked by the manufacturer. Water and propylene glycol solutions cannot be used without inhibitors because they are more corrosive than pure water. The resistance of ECO MPG-SOL mixtures to these factors does not change even after many years of use, provided that their concentration is kept on the same level. ECO MPG-SOL solutions are characterized by higher (in comparison to water) viscosity and density. This means that their internal flow resistance in the system will also be higher. The heating system cannot be made of hot-dip galvanized or galvanized (internally) elements - because propylene glycol dissolves zinc with the formation of large amounts of deposits.


 Product features:

The ECO MPG-SOL low-solidifying point concentrate is a mixture of propylene glycol, a set of corrosion inhibitors, stabilizing compounds, and polyglycols. Fluids in the operational version are a mixture of deionized water and concentrate. The concentrate and fluids are a clear, transparent liquid with a yellowish color. ECO MPG-SOL fluids are heat and cold transferring factor in solar collector installation systems, they can also be used in industrial refrigerating, heating, and air conditioning systems. Fluids used as working liquid protect systems against freezing and overheating, corrosion and cavitation corrosion in pumps, are characterized by good viscosity parameters. ECO MPG-SOL fluids have a higher boiling point, which is important when it comes to protecting the fluid from overheating, leading to adverse changes in its properties. They are particularly recommended for use in vacuum solar collectors, where the temperature of working liquids is higher than in flat collectors. Due to the high viscosity, it is not recommended to use a solution with more than 60% concentrate. Production and control are carried out in accordance with the Quality System of the Company based on the ISO 9001-2000 standard.


 Technical data:

List of plastics, elastomers and sealants resistant to ECO MPG-SOL:

  • Low/high-density polyethylene LDPE, HDPE
  • Modified polyethylene CPE (VPE)
  • Polypropylene PP
  • Polybutane PB
  • Hard polyvinyl chloride uPVC
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE
  • Polyamide PA
  • Non-foamed polyester resins UP
  • Natural rubber NR
  • Styrene-butadiene rubber SBR
  • Butyl rubber IIR
  • Olefin rubber EPDM
  • Fluorocarbon elastomers FPM
  • Polyacetals POM
  • Nitrile rubber NBR
  • Polychlorobutadiene elastomers CR
  • Silicone rubber Si

Not resistant to ECO MPG-SOL are:

  • phenol-formaldehyde resins, (Bakelite);
  • urea formaldehyde resins,
  • plasticized (foamed) PVC;
  • polyurethane elastomers


 Safety and use:

The Safety Data Sheet for the ECO MPG-SOL concentrate is an integral part of this description. It contains all necessary data regarding the safety of using the ECO MPG-SOL fluids and what to do in the event of a failure or leakage of the fluid. At the same time, we would like to inform you that propylene glycol, which is the base ingredient, is not included in the list of hazardous substances. The warranty period for liquids in closed packaging is 3 years from the date of manufacture. The service life in systems depends on many factors and materials from which the system is made. It is assumed that fluids in normal operating conditions work for about 3 years, ensuring proper corrosion and thermal protection. After this period, fluid density and overall appearance should be inspected. The fluid can only be topped up with a concentrate or ECO MPG-SOL fluid. Fluids in the operational version should not be further diluted with water. The fluid can be mixed with similar propylene glycol-based products from other manufacturers, however, due to the various chemical additives used, this is not recommended. Used ECO MPG-SOL fluids can be disposed of in accordance with local laws in force in waste incineration plants or biological waste treatment plants.


 Transport and storage:

ECO MPG-SOL fluids are not covered by the RID, ADR, ADNR, IMDG, and DGR provisions. Fluids are sold in closed containers that guarantee safety in transport and storage. Currently, concentrate and fluids are offered in non-returnable packaging made of colorless plastic with a product weight of 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, and in returnable packaging 1000 kg. The 10kg, 20kg, and 30kg containers above 3 layers should not be stored. The products have a PZH certificate.

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