Water Heater PROECO HYDRA P-100

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Pressure water heater PROECO HYDRA P-100 - solar thermal collector with 11 vacuum tubes - insulated water tank with capacity of 93 liters  - universal stainless steel frame   More details

 Solar water heater PROECO HYDRA P-100 pressure-type

The device meets the needs for hot water after the heating season (March - October) of 1-3 persons. The device uses free solar energy. It is an alternative solution for costly and extensive traditional solar systems. The simple design of the device allows for self-installation without losing the warranty. The reliability of solar water heaters and their very low operating costs guarantee the comfort of use and allow for a quick return of invested money. 

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- Comfort of use - utility hot water under pressure. The water in the tank is under constant pressure from the water supply network.

- The heater can be installed in any sunny place. Hot water is pushed to the building by the pressure from the water supply network.

- Tank connections 3/4". Higher pressure - higher comfort of use.

- Possibility of easy connection to other devices existing in the utility hot water system. 

- Heat pipes are used to transfer thermal energy from the collector to the storage tank.

- There is no water in the vacuum tube. Easy replacement in the event of damage.

- There is no ventilation tube. Better insulation - less heat loss.


 Characteristics of heater:

Water tank capacity 93 liters, stainless steel SUS 304
Number of vacuum tubes 11 pcs.
Size of vacuum tubes 58mm/1500mm
Heat-pipe use YES
Type of absorber 3-layer CU/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)ALN
Frame stainless steel
Thermal insulation of the tank high density polyurethane foam, min. 50mm
Heat exchanger heat-pipe sleeve made of stainless steel
Resistance to hail Φ25 mm
Efficiency increases the water temperature by 45-60°C on a sunny day


 Set includes:

- vacuum solar collector (11 vacuum tubes 58/1500 with triple absorption layer ALN/AIN-SS/CU and use of HEAT PIPE)
- insulated water tank made of stainless steel with capacity of 93 l. (in housing made of stainless steel)
- universal steel frame (stainless steel)
- magnesium anode rod
- safety valve (pressure-thermal)
- thermal grease

Set may also include:
- spare vacuum tube 58/1500
- spare vacuum tube clamp
- spare heat-pipe sleeve
- spare silicone protector


 How the non-pressure water heater works and its design

-> Design and operating principle of the water heater from PROECO JNHP, Solaris-P and Hydra-P series <-

 Installation and operating instructions:

Instructions HYDRA P.pdf

Dimensions and weight of heater.pdf

© The content of this manual, both in whole and in part, is protected by law. Any use of content or illustrations requires the consent of Pro Eco Solutions Ltd. In particular, this applies to copying, translating, and storing in an electronic form.


Capacity of heater (l.) 113
2. Average requirement for: for 1 to 3 person
3. Hot water outflow: under pressure from the water mains
4. Installation on an surface: for flat or sloping to 20 degrees
Number of vacuum tubes (pcs.): 11
Size of the vacuum tubes (mm.): 58 mm / 1500 mm
Use of Heat-Pipe: YES
Water tank: stainless steel SUS 304
Heat exchanger in the tank: heat-pipe stainless steel sleeves
Cover of the tank: stainless steel SUS 201
Bracket: stainless steel SUS 201
Wyposażenie: anoda magnezowa, zawór bezpieczeństwa ( ciśnieniowo- termiczny), pasta termoprzewodząca
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